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Time to launch your online store!

Jun 23-2020 / Admin

Why sell online?

You would save tons of money on many items. At the same time gaining unlimited visitors on the web. It's not the same traffic you expect to walk into your store. Storage costs? that's a big-ticket item for any physical store. The more products you would like to store, the higher would be the costs.

With an online store, there is no limit for product display and presenting the product with full details.

This is the era where you work hard even hardly working. We completely understand this at Smartbilder and we are dedicated to ensuring that you achieve more by doing less. Smartbilder is an eCommerce market place for all construction suppliers, fully sophisticated with the potentiality to bridge the gap between your business and your market. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your business is, we’ve got space for you. Unlike the physical store, the world is your playing ground and there is no limitation to your customer reach. You no longer have to worry about rent or space limitations. At Smartbilder, we’ve completely leveled the playing field, ensuring that every supplier has a fair chance at winning contracts. Through bidconnect.net, we provide bid leads that connect sellers to contractors and also new bids. Furthermore, In order to control pricing variation, we give out free estimates on purchases to contractors.

Let us help bring the world to you. Think smart, Think Smartbilder.

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... to be continued